Asymmetrical collar linen t-shirt

This t-shirt has 2 coloured "Peter Pan" collar, with one side larger than the other. At Ludic, we like to play with asymmetries. 
It is very lightweight and is made of a linen-cotton blend (50%-50%), perfect for summer days. 
The collar is made from 94% cotton - 6% elastane jersey, and the colours are matching the other items from this collection.
At the back there's an opening, closed with a wooden button.


It is part of the "We stick together" series.
The concept of the series appears on the tags that accompany every product. It is a reminder that, although every human being is unique, we are all part of small and big communities, and the well-being of our neighbourhoods / towns / planet, depends on the contribution of each one of us:

" We know that it takes a village to raise a child.
So we stick together, playing, learning,
and becoming each other's heroes.
We trust ourselves and our mother earth,
building togetherness.
We love, honor and respect eachother,
We are ludic, a family."

Asymmetrical collar linen t-shirt

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